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TEA ANYONE? February 6, 2010

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Tea has nothing to do with the teaparty movement at all.. movement.. yeah like a big bowel movement..

I was watching the news and saw that there is quite a buzz on about the teaparty in Tennessee this weekend  with guess who, and   OMG.. for a 45 minute garbled gobbley goop talk of some kind is recieving  $100,000!  Sarah Palin is making her money honey and taking the teaparty participants  for a ride!! How can  people be so ignorant? I watched several news reports on this strange gathering and one of the best ways one person summed it up was that, the teaparty group are a bunch of misfits with no idea what the hell they are doing, nor any direction at all,  and have no clue what they are supporting as they have stated they are not a political party…What ever topic they want to talk about that is what they do.. so there is no set agenda just to create everything filled with negative and hateful propaganda and do as much damage as possible..oh, and continue to scare people …

 Remember during the elections the people that got filmed and ended up on Youtube and other places? Remember them screaming hateful horrible threatening poisonous evil words at anyone and everyone? They all seemed like they needed to go see an exsorsist or be put in padded cells! Pure evil..From what has been shown on the various nes networks, tThis group meeting  in Tennessee this weekend is about the same level of intelligence, only they seem to have money.  

 LOL what a joke that is not funny.  Imagine paying, . what is it, $500 to get in to the convention plus airfare and hotel meals etc on top of that…Insanity takes many forms.  What a waste!  The fact that a particular news station is behaving as if they have never heard of the tea parties … gee were they sleeping on the job last year when a lot of extremely nasty and rude people gathered in different places spewing out their poisonous slogans and insults, some carrying rediculous signs that looked like they were created by people with NO education or mental capabiltiy to communicate on an adult or any other level. This teaparty crap has been going on for while.. and not un-noticed. If only they realized how  stupid  they look to the majority of the population, mmm would it make a difference? I highly doubt it… Although there is freedom of speech in America, one would hope that people would not abuse that  in trying to cause trouble for the rest of the Nation by attempting yet again to divide and not unite as one Nation of people who want the best for the country! Very sad specticle for the world to see.. if they are even watching this nonsense.. If the world is watching they must be getting a laugh or just shaking their heads that a Nation such as America is producing such childish people, and actually reporting about it on the major networks, when there are so many more worthwhile topics to report on…

Taking a Caribbean cruise anytime soon?? Well beware or be aware of what you just might run into on that cruise.Did you know that there are now cruises with these teaparty organizers  giving seminars and the usual propaganda  etc for people taking their vacation in the Caribbean? What a waste of time and money.. Most people go away to get away from it all … yet this teaparty group  have people who must be out of their minds signing up for this and paying for it!! LMAO is all I can do…  Picture going  on a beautiful Caribbean cruise, sign up and pay for the teaparty seminars etc as they probably make is sound like a fun and wonderful experience…  get sucked in.. pay more money for t shirts, jewellery and other teaparty junk.. then attend the various events,  get all stressed out,  more frightened and paranoid of  the nonsense, which is all negative brain washing tactics, and  when you go home you are so exhausted and upset by it all you end up having to go to your doctor for medication and councelling!!! OMG… can you imagine going through this and for what?? It is a SCAM… a total scam to steal money from people who are not too bright in the first place and who trust haters and mind controllers… how sad… Well we will I guess see if the teaparties continue or disappear into space…I hope that  eventually people who have spent lots of their hard earned money will figure out that the teaparty  is a big scam, that they have been taken and will grow up and start working seriously to unite the country instead of carrying on like a bunch of total idiots…



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Well well well… THEY (the Republicans) STILL DON’T GET IT!!! 

The fact that the President even spent his valuable time visiting the Republicans in their own lion’s den is simply amazing to me.  President Obama did a fabulous job of taking on ALL the questions good, ignorant and indifferent despite the level of stupid sarcastic remarks being made by several of the people asking their questions. Some of which took a very long time to actually get to their question after long winded performances in an attempt to either trap or make a fool out of the President.. IT DIDN’T WORK PEOPLE!!!  President Obama is a genius and handled himself with dignity and class… as usual.

With the President there is NO name calling or demeaning others, unlike a large number of the Republicans.  He certainly reached once again with that olive branch.. Question now is, will they take it or continue to behave like the total idiots they have been for the past two years.. meaning during the race for the Presidency and up until now.

The people who asked him their backward questions, looked like total fools.. yet again.. Why is it that they just don’t get it? I mean really, what is it that is in them to disagree argue and keep trying to mess things up for the entire nation? This really has gone on long enough.. Like President Obama stated both sides really need to be careful of what they say because people believe what they say.. mmm isn’t that interesting!

I am so glad he went there and spoke to them about certain problems that they actually are causing and putting things that should be moving forward at a stand still. The behaviour of the Republicans at the State of the Union Address was disgusting and embarassing to say the least. These are supposed to be grown people.. grown ups??? adults?? yet they behave and continue to behave like half witted children. President Obama had to again repeat the same things he said in his campaign speeches over and over and over again  yet once again at the republican retreat.. They still just don’t get it and they do not get what the word CHANGE means at all either.. That woman from I think it was Tennesee was a total screwup in her long winded ideas.. as if the President was supposed to take all that she said and sign on the dotted line agreeing with every thing she had to say.. Like is she mentally deficient or something?? OMG.. the level of ignorance is just amazing to me.. They all should be fired!!

Way to go President Obama you did a great job in the way you spoke to the ignorant of the most ignorant in the nation. I was so impressed that he didn’t insult anyone or degrade one of them at any time. I have have not ever heard of him or seen him do that to anyone ever!! He sure puts up with a load of shit from these people.. don’t know how he does it but he does and if he can’t get the nation put back together with possitive people working with him then I don’t see that there is anyone else to do this job..

These stupid tea parties are a waste of time and energy.. totally negative and ignorant .. with the likes of Rush Limpnuts on the airwaves certainly nothing good will come of any of that stuff at all.. except for the people who do not agree with him or his rediculous nonsense.. the majority of the people I believe do NOT like him or his tactics…

I don’t see the President putting up with much more nonsense from the republicans if they continue to behave like idiots.. He has done his job, continues to do his job and will move on and pass them leaving them in the dust if they don’t grow up!! Like he said.. the number of windows of opportunities are becoming fewer by their behaviour.. so I hope they get it together and start working for the Nation instead of against it…


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He still has it!! He is doing his job and although results are slow in some people’s opinions, he is doing his best for the people of the country.  I loved that he spoke directly to some of the fools on the opposite side of the fence and hopefully the messege gets through their thick skulls! The fact the Republicans are doing more damage than good to the nation was a point that needed to be said by the President and it was!! Good for you President Obama!!

I am so glad President Obama is the leader of the United States and not one of those who keeps on causing problems amoung the citizens of the country. President Obama made it clear that this behaviour has to stop and if it doesn’t that it will only continue to divide not unite the people of America!

Great news about the military as well to allow gay people to serve their country just like anyone else would do! Finally you have a President that has some balls!! Finally something will be done for the military families and service people once they have served their time and that there will be a place for all of the service people, men, women gay or straight after they come home from the various places around the world they are serving in.. Active duty is not easy on anyone and to have peace of mind that they won’t end up on the street like so many people have from the Vietnam days!! Keep on with the fight for the people and America President Obama.. God Bless you!!

Michelle Obama, First Lady..A Great Lady & Wonderful Human Being June 7, 2009

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What a wonderful adventure the new First Lady Michelle Obama is on. 

She and the President arrive in Paris, France.

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama participate in an arrival ceremony with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, right, at the Prefecture in Caen, France, Saturday, June 6, 2009.

 The First Lady and President Obama fly over the Beaches of Normandy after the ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of the Allied  D-Day landings in Normandy.
 It is so great that the girls Malia and Sasha got to go on a trip with their Mum to Paris too. Imagine getting to visit the Eiffel Tower! Awesome!

 Friday April 3, 2009 photo provided by the Elysee Palace shows U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, left, speaking with France’s first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy before a luncheon at Rohan Palace as their husbands held bilateral talks in Strasbourg, eastern France.
Although this photo was takein in April 2009, it is such a beautiful photo I had to include it. 
There no view of the President and the First Lady here, but they I hope enjoyed another romantic dinner, this time in Paris, France.. The President sure knows how to take care of his wife, and she looks Fabulous!  Congratulations to you both!


A Promise Kept June 1, 2009

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I think it is so wonderful that President Obama did not forget the promise he made to his wife Michelle to take her on a date to New York. They must have had a wonderful dinner together and the show I am sure would have been memorable. The trip to get there a fantastic memory all on it’s own too!

I have watched and listened to various news programs regarding “the date” and find that although the economy, people losing their homes, bankruptcy in the car industry, the wars and threats of more wars, the man loves his wife and respects her so much that he would take her out for an evening.  None of the problems are his fault. The fact that people are complaining about losing their homes while the Obamas’ are flying from Washington to New York on the tax payers money is absurd! They were most likely losing those homes anyway and it has nothing to do with anything the President and his wife are doing! He is the Leader and President of the United States of America. What is wrong with people? Are they supposed to take a bus? They must be protected at all times! That is what is done! The fact that anyone is complaining about this night is insane and shows how really low some people will go. Have some respect for the Leader of America! He is a National Treasure and really should be cherished not insulted all the time the way he is! I am so happy President Obama and his wife had a wonderful evening out! 

Nobody complained when previous President’s took time off to fly all over the place on the tax payers dime! So why would anyone complain about this?


Good Night Mr.President and First Lady Hope you had a ball!!

Remembering……………………Memorial Day May 24, 2009

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What does Memorial Day mean to you?   As I watch the videos online and the news on tv, it is a really special time for people of all walks of life to stop, and just be still. Remember what America is all about and who the people are that have been going to war, serving the Nation over the many many years.  They never knew if they would be coming home or not, yet they faithfully serve United States of America!  I am sure some of the circumstances have been terrifying for most!  War! why do we continue to have them, take part in them?  Is there not another way of men and women to serve the Nations of the world without risking their lives and in a lot of cases losing their lives? Many have come home permantly injured, never to be whole again in body mind and spirit.  Although the vets programs are becoming more evident, there needs to be so much more done to honor the military men and women who serve and come home with permant disabilities! Not enough is being done!  Weather you support the military and their mandate or not, people, human beings are getting destroyed, families are never the same when a loved one either loses their life or comes home not in tact.  The vets need the support of the family and community and the government!  flag12We all pray for these brave individuals to come home unharmed. Some do and some do not. We all must support the effort for those who truly believe in what they are doing in fighting for the comforts and freedoms we all enjoy. No matter what country anyone is from, the military who serve and go to war need our prayers, support and undying respect. 

I hope this Memorial Day will bring thoughts and prayers of reflection to you even if you do not know a soldier personally. Please keep them and their families who suffer in anguish waiting from their loved ones to return home. 

For all the Fallen military and civilians, I pray their souls are at peace with God in heaven. He is the salvation of us all………..Peace

Come out of the Darkness into the Light May 23, 2009

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I had quite an experience over the past 8 months. I joined a website that was, back then exciting, new and different for me. I had never been part of anything like that before. This was unlike any other internet experience I had ever had. I started by reading the posts and then slowly started commenting on various ones that I was really interested in the topic. I was on that website all because of the election and liked the candidate for the Democratic Party very much. He was so different in his presentations, speaking ability and general communication. I enjoyed all the tv coverage my husband and I could see in a 24 hour period without becoming zombies LOL.

The website gave me an opportunity to have dialogue with other people who seemed to have the same interests. I also met up with some interesting other people who did not like the Democrats or the person running for President. They made their views quite clear. Finally after much debating and communicating , making some good friends, something happened on the website. It turned extremely ugly! As time progressed and November 4th came and went with much celebration and joy around the world this website continued to thrive on the topic of birth certificates, being a citizen of the United States, and other mondane subjects that were to deliberately demeaning and discrediting to the newly elected President.

I am not American but still along with millions of others support President Obama. He and his family are wonderful sincere people with Change in mind for the Nation. It is a hard struggle I see, watching from afar, but at the same time I see the Changes happening and it is all for the good of the Nation. This man is a leader and no pushover. His disarming smile is not something to give anyone thoughts that he does not know what he is doing. He does and he has a team working with him.

No matter how much I tried to convey that messege I often found myself getting slammed down for it. I started to contribute my own posts and got some very good responses on some and not much on others. It did not matter as I was doing my thing. I did not think I was offending anyone…Of course I would be lying if I say I did not venture onto some very unfriendly posts just out of curiousity. I found myself there..reading the comments being made by people who truly had hate and no respect for the president..I was compelled to comment and did! Several times, then moved on and did not bother with these individuals. I did run into them on other people’s postings and tried my best not to interact..but hey..my temper got the better of me and I would not stand by and watch the president be lied about and a lot worse. Eventually certain people left the site on their own and others got banned for behavior problems that broke the rules and regulations of the site. But I will say, the management did not take care or have the interest to ban the right people all of the time. They banned the wrong ones! They are still banning the wrong ones!

I myself was a target of an individual who got banned and has quite a following of about 20 people. They made a point of making statements that I was on some hit list to get baited then get banned from that site. How wierd is that? I do not know them and they certainly do not know me. Then things got worse. People who have multiple ID’s get banned but return using one of their safe ID’s on the site. Then they go about causing havoc on people’s posts trying to get them kicked off. If you do not know the traits of these cyber terrorists as I like to call them..because they are beyond stalking at this point, then you are sunk if you take the bait. Management looks at these people as new members and anyone putting in complaints about them gets told off by management. Great. Then on my own posts comments and then the posts were being removed..How odd I thought..and complained to management. Eventually my post was returned to the site, but it was too late as the flow and momentum was gone by the next day. So they really messed me up. There was an individual going around the site emailing people telling them to “Report Violation” on all my comments..and it was happening. I did not know this until someone had the kindness to send me a copy of the actual email as they had recieved one too. Of course I sent it on to Management and nothing was done! While others who had done less were getting banned. Something is very wrong there! I was named by this person along with others in some strange law suit that was going to happen..Bring it On I say..Bring it On!! I have nothing to hide, never took any interest in this self serving premadona nasty phsycopath who unless they were the center of attention 24/7 they were not happy. People tried to help the person and got slammed and bashed for it. Stay away I thought..stay away! I did and had nothing to do with them until they showed up on a post I was commenting on and started in on me! I will stand up for myself I said..then was accused of all sorts of nonsensical lies..it was like being on a phsyc ward in a mental hospitlal.. I hope they get some help.

I left that place on my own and am very glad I did. The abuse level by some very nasty people is just not worth my time. They all are under investigation on a different site. I hope they and I mean one individual who is a control freak and has no clue what is going on at all..too filled with hate, get charged and put in jail for internet crimes!

I am trying it on here and hope it works out. So far so good..some great people and wonderful opportunities to get creative on this site. I met some fantastic people on that site and some of them have moved here along with me. I am so grateful for their friendships and support. Thanks you all are the greatest!

Peace Always to all that visit here. Anyone looking for trouble..go somewhere else!

Sunny Hotter Days Are On Their Way…. May 11, 2009

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Pictures 2009 084In twenty-one days the 2009 Hurricane Season will be upon us. The days will be hotter and lots more humidity in the air. This will of course cut down on my laundry amounts  as the stuff just doesn’t dry fast in the humidity. By middle of August the tempatures reach in the 90’s and the breezes dye down too…Wheew…hot hot hot!! We start to stock up on things too; like non perishables mostly in case there is a storm then at least we can eat in case the power goes out, we cannot use gas, etc..guess we would just cook outside !LOL  I have found lots of goodies to store away for when we need them. If we could just stop nibbling all the time. As the time draws closer of course it will be more serious to make sure our supplies are in tact, wrapped properly etc to avoid spoiling. air tight ziploc bags are great! The traditional foods that are used during this time of the year if/when there is a strom, are things like crackers, canned sardines, cornedbeef, tuna, luncheon meats, snack foods..in othere words lots of junk food!! boxed juices, bottled water..got to have some rum on hand too..or whiskey!! As there are power outages the fridge and freezer are usually not that full in case of it lasting more than a day or so..Lots of rotting food there!! not good. Things we take for granted in North America, people here cannot afford to take for granted at all. I have discovered Price Mart here..YIPPEE!! Soo lots of good healthy foods to find there!! I don’t really like or eat canned meats and stuff like that, so for me it has been an adventure looking all around for alternatives. Other items such as batteries for the radio and flashlights..have to be purchased early or the stores sell out of them! I found that out the first time  I had to go buy the things on the day the storm was headed our way. The stores all close early and to stand in line with hundreds of pepole all rushing to buy up everything they can is insane!! Like I said it is an adventure..Candles are NOT a good thing..more fires start during storms from using candles than anything else..but for some that is all they can afford and are used to the routine..Some even still use karosine lamps.

 There are so many things to consider when preparing for this time of year. We want to get the covers for all the windows ready.. Usually plywood with attachmet/fastener type thingys.. We have 17 windows at this time..Once we move upstairs it will really be a challenge, with another 13 plus some french glass doors too!  I figure to have a sheet with a layout and then number all the plywood pieces in accordance to where the windows are..that would save us a lot of time.. As when a storm is approaching you don’t really have much time to get everything ready..Coming from a cold rainy climate this is very different for me.  Since 2004 we have not been directly hit by any hurricanes, but we have been affected by some of them brushing by us here..causing up to Sixty Million Dollars damage in 2004.  We are a small Island of 14 miles wide and 21 miles long..so you can imagine when the wind really blows here..Plus we are a relatively flat island with some rolling hills, no big mountains to protect us at all.  It is quite the adventure I must say..The hottest time will be August/September and that is usually when the storms happen. Until then, the currents get strange and strong so swimming has to be done with an alert mind. Safety first, always!  

As this planet of ours is changing I have noticed the errosion over the past 5 years here. It is very sad to see this taking place but it is Mother Nature..So we have to live with it and do our best to help preserve the reefs and beaches. Oh, by the way, nobody here is permitted to own beach land..They can have their homes up to the beach but cannot stop anyone from enjoying any beach in this country..Just cannot go tromping through their property to get there though…LOL This is a wonderful place to visit and another to live in.. but it does beat the cold and snow in the winter months for sure!!

Hello world! May 7, 2009

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I continue my journey in life being as happy and productive
each day as I can be.
I do not like mean spirited people
I believe in truth fairness and good friends
I accept the differences in people who are fairminded
I accept to agree to disagree with respect otherwise ya gone!
I accept to just agree and have fun!
Drop by anytime!